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Better, Stronger, Faster

Here's the good news: has been powered up.

Yes we are now the Bionic Man of websites! It has been a busy couple of weeks for The site is now running on more powerful processors, more RAM and that kind of technology, good stuff. We've successfully migrated to a new data center on a new network. The transition was smooth and without incident and there was no data loss. It is not uncommon during these types of transitions for at least minor data loss to occur, such as the latest forum posts being lost. The formal switchover occurred in the evening hours (in the Americas) so many of you probably never noticed a thing. But hopefully you've noticed an improvement in how quickly the site loads and the quick transitions when clicking posts in the Recipe Swap.

Some of you may have been surprised to come to the Recipe Swap to be greeted with a plain text message stating that the site had moved and that you needed to flush your DNS cache. Without going into too much detail, DNS is sort of like the master address book that allows end user computers and servers to find each other behind the scenes while you do things like click on a link.

You may have seen the notice in the Recipe Swap regarding the site being moved to new servers/network. There, OpenDNS was given as a recommendation. We'll reiterate that here and provide the link where you can read about it for yourself and decide:

Bad News? Who said there had to be bad news?

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