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#29554: I don't print from the site. What trouble are you having? I wonder if they know

Posted by: Traca at 9:02 pm on Apr 12, 2017

that's an issue. I used to have trouble copying from David Leite's website, and sent him an email about it. He actually called me out of the blue (I didn't know him then) and was super grateful for the feedback. We spent a weekend with him Tweaking it, then sending me an email, does it work for you now? Totally worked. I kept wishing it would be fixed, and when I finally mentioned it, he did something about it, and was super grateful. (I do that a lot. When I worked for Starbucks, I told them, "It would be so much easier if we wrote the drink order on the side of the cup." Now it's part of their global brand. I wanted to solve a problem for myself, and what do you know? Tell the right people and...boom! Fixed.) :)

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