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Happy B'day, Meryl. Celebrate in chocolate. My six

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1 - strawberry shortcake for breakfast! I should get out there and see if my own need watering.

2 - tuna and macaroni casserole sounds good for supper, although I feel like curling up with a good magazine instead.

3 - shopping tomorrow morning. I haven't been in a few days. That sure does clean out the refrigerator fast. Also have to find a potent but non-toxic method for keeping the cats out of my neighbor's garden, which they prefer instead of the litter box.

4 - thanks for the well wishes - I'm feeling a little better, but this cold is a killer

5 - take the kids and swim tomorrow after shopping?

6 - wondering why no one in my cousin's family is not excited about learning that they're direct descendants of an original Mayflower Pilgrim!?? Not me, on their mother's side.

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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