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Weekend Fun in San Francisco

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Posted to Thread #18118 at 4:31 am on Apr 26, 2010

This may be late to post for our weekend stuff, but this has been a spectacular weekend for me!

Met Heather at the Farmer's Market in the Ferry Building at 9 am on Saturday morning.
As we were driving down Market Street in a cab, toward the Ferry Building, I saw a red-haired dervish running to catch the bus in front of us, and I knew it was Heather, although I've never met her before. Our cab tried to catch up with her, but she got on the bus, so we waited at the entrance to the Ferry Building, and linked up with her shortly after.

The sights, smells, and the sounds of this Farmer's Market are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!.
Flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheese, meats, poultry, seafood, sausages, and so much more, all produced by LOCAL farms/processing plants, with the emphasis on connecting the consumer to the producer of our food, which is missing when we buy our food at the local mega-supermarket. And there were so many prepared food venders, offering the most gorgeous, delicious looking foods. It was very hard to resist.

Heather is very knowledgeable about the Farmer's Market, and guided us from booth to booth, explaining the items on display, and the uses for the unusual fruits, vegetables, herbs, or other products that we saw. I suggested to Heather that she might be able to give guided tours of the Farmer's Market to tour groups, and get paid for it. I really think that our visit to the Farmer's Market would have been very meaningless, without her explanation of what we saw.

Our lunch at the Ferry Building was wonderful, clam chowder and Dungeness crab sandwiches, with lovely wine and Anchor Steam beer for DH.

The shopping in the Ferry Building was amazing, but I had to resist, because it would be hard to bring a lot of stuff home on the plane.

My DH, Jim, said that the visit to the Farmer's Market with Heather was the highlight of our trip, because Heather was with us, and because we visited with local customers and vendors, and we felt like we were a part of the local community.

To bore you with restaurant chatter, on Sunday afternoon, we had lunch at Max's Opera Cafe, had the most delicious Russian Cabbage Soup I've ever tasted, (tomato base, brisket, veggies, raisins), it was a cross between a stuffed cabbage soup and a sauerbraten soup. They have deli sandwiches to challenge the Carnegie Deli or the Stage in New York.

We attended a wonderful concert on Sunday afternoon, Peter Schickele's PDQ Bach "Jeckle and Hyde Tour", which is a very funny satire of classical music.

Dinner was at Capps Corner, which Heather visited last Friday, but we were very disappointed. Instead of ordering a special of the day, which was a grilled sea bass, we ordered the Lasagne and Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onion. The Lasagne tasted exactly like Souffer's Frozen Lasagna. The Minestrone and Salad before dinner were mediocre. We have a small restaurant at home that will outshine Capps Corner, at half the price. Oh well, this is not surprising.

Monday morning, we fly back home to Alabama, and we are already planning another visit to this beautiful "City by the Sea"

Our visit was made very special because of our time with Heather. We met at 9 am, and finally said a tearful "goodbye" to each other at 4 pm. If anyone else is planning to vist San Francisco, book a tour with "Hugs From HAL"

Much love to Heather,


"A brandy for the Chef!"

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