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It's original and would certainly stand out from a flood of resumes! One thing, though, from much

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experience writing resumes (that's a whole other story!) you should never include dates older than 15 years. Instead, list the experience without the dates, or omit it all together.

Accentuate the professional experience that you have instead of minimizing them in with the "Starter" section. Keep state names either all spelled out, or all abbreviated.

Please don't take this as criticism, just trying to help. Good luck in your job search! Maybe like this:

Starters (Entry-Level Experience)

- While at college, participated in extra-curricular activities that included interviewing (local celebrities), and writing articles for the school newsletter

- Wrote press articles for food pantry publication in Roanoke, Texas

- Freelanced public relations for (Name), a major country entertainer in Austin, Texas

- Served as a freelance writer for "Thunder Roads" magazine in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

- Published several historical documents for (Roanoke) Museum and (Texas Historical) Society

Main entrees (Professional Experience)

- Served as Program Director for the Texas country radio station KNON in Dallas, Texas; produced several talk shows; turned the show’s "Texas History" segment into a weekly newspaper article

- Managed the country band "Todd Terrill & Hardcore Country", Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

- For two connsecutive years, produced benefit concerts for Operation Homefront Oklahoma, a non-profit organization; performed all aspects of press and fund-raising activities including booking talent, advertising, organizing promotions, accounting, and general production duties

- Achieved accreditation as a personal chef from the United States Personal Chef Association which included hands-on cooking as well as promoting business to clients, booking events, and personal business management

Specialties (Key Attributes)

- Bachelor of Arts from Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas; Psychology major/Spanish minor, excelled in creative writing courses; 3.75 GPA
- published author
- experienced chef, self-taught (but why include this if you also have professional training? It detracts from your credentials)
- media production in radio and live music entertainment business

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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