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Nope, my previous experience here led me to treat it this way, you're danged if you do

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Posted to Thread #18926 at 4:11 am on Sep 4, 2010

and danged if you don't. That's in any internet community. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. I posted rules, and I meant them.

I said in my rules, which btw, follow the user agreement, "If any negativity came from this thread that the thread will be shut down."

And I said it in caps.

I've found in the past here if I post something that is good for humanity, good for home chefs, chefs, and foodies to know, and that I have scientific proof of and can validate, plus back up with resources, but it goes against mainstream thought, that it brings out negativity in people, here and any other internet community.

There's no more discussion on the subject I posted as the rules were violated, as far as I'm concerned. I shut it down. There's a reason the site owners gave us an "Edit Message" button, and I have exercised my right to use that button.

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