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ISO: Help please with this Caramel Frosting (click to see recipe)

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Posted to Thread #18943 at 9:06 pm on Sep 5, 2010

First let me say that the cake part turned out great - so delicious. My only change to the recipe is that I added an egg yolk.

But I somehow TOTALLY screwed up the caramel frosting. I thought I did everything right but when I went to Step 6 the frosting never thickened. Finally after 20 minutes I thought, perhaps if I added powdered sugar to it that would help. 32 ounces later, and with a total corruption of the flavor, all I had was a glaze consistency of a light tan 'frosting', sickenly sweet - not good at all.

I should probably say that when I added the warm milk mixture to the caramelized sugar much of it hardened immediately but as the concoction cooked the harden mixture melted.

I spent way too many hours on this...I was going to tackle Bakerella's Cupcake Pops tomorrow but after this disaster I lost my enthusiasm....

Thanks for your help!


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