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Michael in Phoenix

Elaine, you've touched on a wonderful truth that has been driven home by the economy...

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Posted to Thread #18946 at 5:42 am on Sep 7, 2010

...and the cost-cutting we've all been doing in my extended family. Family gatherings around good food have never been more important, or meant more to us.

There are a number of factors that have me thinking about this. A recent milestone in my life and the fact my wife and boys have taken four trips to San Diego to visit our family and I've only been with them on this last trip.

They missed me! Why? It ain't because of my charm and good humor, I assure you. It's because when I'm around, the family eats well! I enjoy cooking for my wonderful extended family so much! When I'm not there, it's spaghetti from a jar and cheese noodles, according to my boys.

It's not that my wife and her family don't cook, it's just that I love to do it and I'm always tinkering with something in the kitchen. They have other priorities. I was told by my new sis-in-law that she can hardly wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas because my father-in-law and me cook up a storm!

I'd rather budget for that then worry about hotel rooms and tourist traps.

Enjoy your holiday with family, Elaine. Shalom!


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