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Joe! Cannot believe this thread. I just trapped an opossum one wk ago 2day! We live in town, and one

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Posted to Thread #18958 at 2:38 pm on Sep 23, 2010

night late I heard crunching on the patio and looked out expecting to see a stray neighborhood cat having a midnight snack of some kibble I'd left out for her, but it was a 'possum chowing down on the food in her bowl.

The next day I hauled out my chipmunk trap, baited the thing with cat food, and bingo, I got him the very next night! I threatened to make 'possum belly for supper, but my husband balked (no surprise there as he is a fussy eater), and even I didn't think such an entree sounded very appetizing.

These critters in southern Indiana are not docile. The one in my trap last week was hissing and snarling at me.

In truth, this is the second one I've caught. The first one waltzed into my chipmunk trap to scarf down peatnut butter laced with Spanish peanuts (my preferred chipmunk bait) several years ago. It was the biggest opossum I'd ever seen. I don't know how in the world he got his big derriere into that trap in the first place--he must have been sorely tempted by the wonderful aroma of my PB & Spanish peanut concoction! ha, ha.

DH remains extremely grateful that I've never accidentally nabbed a skunk! I told him to just give me some more time. Smile.

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