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Weekend Six - here's mine

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Posted to Thread #24502 at 11:58 am on Jun 16, 2013

1) I spent the morning sorting through the pictures I took in Prague. I'll post more about the trip in a separate post, but oh my, what a beautiful city!

2) Made gluten free bread from a bread mix. A local bakery makes their own gluten free bread mix that is so good that making my own bread from scratch seems like such a waste of time. Anyways, it needs to be done, and I baked two loaves.

3) Then I made Marg's Candided Ginger & Pear Bran Muffins for DH. He loves them!

4) Went looking for rhurbarb in the garden. My plants are still young but I got a few stalks to put in the freezer and save for a rhurbarb pie later.

5) Trying to decide what to make for dinner. It's a toss up between home made italian pizza or Marcella Hazan's Swordfish Sardinian-Style with Mint & Saffron that charlie posted last week. I have been wanting to try it for several days, and today seem like a good fish-dinner-day :-)

6) I just discovered that I have a farm nearby that produces organic honey. I had hoped I'd have enough time on my hands to visit the place today, but I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow (for work) and I'll be gone for three days so I need to do laundury. But I try to replace sugar with honey and many people seem to believe that honey, that is produced locally, gives you health benefits when it comes to pollen allergies. The theory is that since bees live off pollen, you get small amounts of pollen through the honey and that way your body will get used to the pollen so when the pollen season comes, you won't get the allergic reactions that you used to. In other words, it's supposed to ease the allergic reactions. I have no idea if it helps but I like honey and I'm thinking, it has no side effects so why not try?
But first, laundury. Ugh!

"I Love Cooking With Wine. Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food."

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