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The muffins sound very good. Could you pls post a recipe for them? My six were

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Posted to Thread #24502 at 8:29 pm on Jun 17, 2013

(I always love hearing how you all spend your weekends!)

Weeding the garden - ugh, soooo any daisies, and although I love them, they are taking up too much space. Will let them finish blooming, I guess, and then dig 'em up.

Friday night I made tilapia. After reading yesterday's post here, I wish I would've had Pat's chile-lime tilapia. Sounds very nice! Next time.

I also made a big bowl of Nicoise(sp?) salad with some leftover boiled potatoes and green beans. Oooh, so good.

We went to DH's nephew's brunch on Saturday and took some baked eggs in an avocado basket, topped with salsa. It was in the "healthy" chapter of one of the cookbooks that I bought a couple of weeks ago at the garage sale, although not exactly low-cal! Someone brought "dirt blocks?" made with Kahlua and Amaretto, very interesting, but good if diluted with enough ice! ;o)

Then my trip to the farmers' market was fun. I bought a couple of more herbs to plant, and a basket of limes, some homegrown strawberries, and some bulk spices. And my Concord grapeseed oil! 'Love going there, because there's always something different.

DD and I went out to lunch and then on a long bike ride along the lake. The came home and made a lemonade pie (wasn't that in a song somewhere? the Beatles maybe?) for Sunday dessert. I found it in an old cookbook last year, and although it's very sweet, it's good and very easy.

How did the fool *get* his money?!

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