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Regarding the Chinese garlic string above, the US almost went to war over it!

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Posted to Thread #29356 at 3:16 pm on Jan 12, 2017

I got this info through non-official channels. Mostly banking contacts internationally.

China was dumping huge quantities of government subsidized garlic onto the American market in an attempt to put US garlic growers out of business. The US government sent a message to the Chinese through the highest diplomatic channels stating their most vehement objections, and told China they would enact immediate import tariffs or a complete trade embargo on all garlic shipments from China if they didn't knock it off.

China got pissy and told the US if they did enact tariffs or interfered with the imports in any way, China would begin to call all of our debt "due and payable", collapse the dollar, and bankrupt the United States within 6 months.

The US responded directly to China's leaders, saying that the US would consider that to be an "act of war" and respond accordingly.

The Chinese backed down.

It appears there are still issues with Chinese garlic, and I don't buy it.

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