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Paul Massell

hard not to buy stuff made in China but I avoid everything and

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Posted to Thread #29356 at 8:42 pm on Jan 12, 2017

I've only made one exception when it comes to food. The "USDA Certified Organic" Chestnuts from Costco. These really tick me off because A) The packaging with the USDA boldly featured makes it appear to be an American grown product. B) because I love them and I buy them despite the deceptive practices and my otherwise pretty good efforts to avoid the China zeitgeist...

I am fastidious at the supermarket and so is my wife about not buying any foodstuffs made/originated from China. When you do this you end up finding a lot of little tricks being used in packaging like stuff being called things like "Oregon Farms" (from China) or "Georgia Peach" (from China) Locally they are battling water Fluoridation and apparently one of the major objections is that the Fluoride is imported from Chinese waste bi-products. Sounds like some kind of urban myth but I've read the literature and it is true. Really disturbing.

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