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Richard in Cincy

Host/ess gifts...

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Posted to Thread #29364 at 11:14 pm on Jan 15, 2017

It's nearly a dying art.

I always go with gift in hand. I usually take flowers since that I what I like to get. Or wine. Or both. Since that is what I like to get.

I also will do little gift bags of my homemade soaps for certain friends. My soaps are better than most of the craft soaps now selling for $5-10/bar these days (because I use really expensive oils and super-fat my soaps with those--almond, avocado, shea butter, cocoa butter, etc.) and they are always joyously received.

When someone invites me to dinner, unless asked, I never carry in a dish. I've no idea what the host/ess is making, I wasn't invited to potluck, and I don't want to interfere with the menu and the sideboard arrangements.

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