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Richard in Cincy

I love soups and stews and make them all the time...

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Posted to Thread #29359 at 11:20 pm on Jan 15, 2017

but alas, I never follow a recipe. Soups and stews here are getting rid of leftovers, boiling the remains of the roast beast, and cleaning out the veg in the frig.

I made a fabulous Polish pork stew from the remains of the Christmas Eve feast, filled with chunks of roast pork, dumplings, sauerkraut, glazed carrots, etc. all sitting on the stock from the boiled pork carcass and leftover gravy.

However, my one trick with a huge cauldron of soup/stew is garnishment.

It truly is amazing how your basic comfort food chicken-noodle turns into a bowl of sinus-clearing Sichuan when I add grated fresh ginger, mashed garlic, chili oil, sesame oil, white pepper, cilantro, green onion, and soy sauce.

I do several ethnic "flavor profile" garnishings like this when I'm getting tired of the soup. Totally transforms it into something new and wonderful.

Southwest: to that same chicken noodle I add lots of dried chiles, cumin, and garlic, give it a simmer, then garnish with cilantro, sliced radishes, shredded cabbage, or throw in some fried tortilla strips.

Oaxacan: When I make mole, I always have left over sauce. I freeze this. Dump it into the chicken noodle soup, garnish with cilantro and chopped onions.

Thai: coconut milk, fish sauce, white pepper, thai curry paste, ginger, galangal, cilantro.

So many ways to go.

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