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Yes, frittata can be done for the group. I recommend lightly greasing the hotel pan bottom and sides

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with oil to prevent the eggs from sticking. I also highly recommend ever so slightly undercooking the frittata IF IT WILL BE HELD FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME in a chafer/steaming tray. When left too long the eggs/frittata will become tough and rubbery and turn green (seriously, they WILL turn green -- I've seen it over and over at breakfast buffets I work). If the frittatas won't be held very long then it's okay to cook them to desired doneness though I still recommend only cooking them just until they're set as the residual cook time once the frittatas are removed from the oven then covered and "held" in a hot box until service time will continue to cook the eggs.

Also, if the frittatas will be baked offsite then transported to another location for serving I recommend placing a piece of parchment paper over the hotel pan once it comes out of the oven before covering with foil. This will help minimize condensation (which will drip down and make the baked frittata soggy). The condensation generally occurs if only foil is used to cover the hotel pan.

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