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Richard in Cincy

Communicating with Millennials at the checkout...

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Posted to Thread #29407 at 11:11 pm on Feb 4, 2017

I stopped at the local grocery on the way home from the gym to pick up steaks and some other supplies.

20YO Perky Nerdboy Cashier: HI! How are you today! Are you gettin' ready for the Super Bowl!!! (I was waiting for a "golly gee whiz" but I guess that's old fart language.)

R: No. I have no interest in it.

20: <blank stare>

R: I usually go to the movies on Super Bowl Sunday. It's a great day to have the theatre to yourself.

20: Cool! The new Star Wars movie is still out, you gonna see that?

R: No. We're staying in to have a Bette Davis Festival and eat our grilled steaks.

20: Who's she?

R: <blank stare>

20: Is she a new singer?

R: No. She is the greatest film actress of the 20th Century.

20: <blank stare> Oh.

Sign, bag, exit and scene.

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