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Heading home to a small apartment with no counter space--$1. No problem. LOL

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Posted to Thread #29411 at 1:16 pm on Feb 6, 2017

"which is totally worth it to avoid tears while slicing an onion. " ---- No, no, no!!!

I lived in the small apartment with the 9 sq. ft of Manhattan kitchen (sit-coms in based in NYC with the large apartments inhabited by people with no jobs annoy me to no end: I'm looking at you "Friends"

Just no. I had dull knives, 2 ft. of counter space, and I couldn't rub two nickels together that couldn't have better gone to the purchase of an avocado,

Most New Yorkers eat out, but the rest of the time, we drag up the food from the street.

This is just a stupid idea for lazy people with too much money.

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