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I think this is a great idea. Those hard winter squashes scare me to death too

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.and I would pay to have it done. Then there is the time I broke my wrist and was in a cast for four months. Part of that time my hubby stepped in and had to chop veggies for me. Many times, he had a rough time with certain things. I would have used the produce butcher then too.
Then there are times when families are so busy and getting a meal on the table is time consuming. Buying the produce first, taking it to the produce butcher while the rest of the shopping gets done is a huge time saver.
For those who have arthritis in their hands or any other hand ailment, the produce butcher is a good thing.

Personally, I love the idea and this comes from a person who chops veggies each day. For me it is not laziness, but a convenience and may be a necessity sometime in the future. Brilliant!

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