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You could try picking less yellow lemons (like less ripe). . .

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Posted to Thread #29413 at 5:30 pm on Feb 7, 2017

I'd try this first. Pick the lemons with the greenish tips, or skin that is less brilliant yellow, perhaps with a slight greenish tint. Firm, hard lemons, lightly colored, will be more sour than softer, more brightly colored lemons.

Save some of the lemon juice to squeeze over/sprinkle on your piccata at the last minute before serving?

You could also pick up some citric acid (AKA "sour salt") and add a pinch to your lemon juice before you put it into the piccata, if the above does not work.

Oil, fat or butter will reduce the apparent sourness of something tart. Salt will reduce the apparent sourness also.

Maybe the restaurant is just using more lemon juice in their recipe than what is in recipes you might be using? I guess they are probably just squeezing it in, not measuring it, but one person's squeeze is another persons gushing pour!

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