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don't use apostrophes in PMs

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Posted to Thread #29433 at 8:29 pm on Feb 13, 2017

Sorry I know this is a pain but as I mentioned previously, one of the fixes I made to account for the old code / new standards, required a hack to allow apostrophes in the forum text/posts. The issue being that apostrophes and quotation marks have a common usage in code/scripting. The web server accounts for this in html (the markup used on web pages). The way this was handled years ago is different from today's standards and it was deprecated a few years ago so a server update caused problems with the old code. I made a hack to deal with this but it in turn created a problem with how PMs are handled.

For anyone that has reported problems with PMs, not using apostrophes has seemed to remedied the problems...

There are a lot of options for forums/message boards but when we first setup the Recipe Swap there was a demand for some very specific features by the core group of users so we customized the Recipe Swap to meet that. It won't be possible to update the code base. It will need to be completely re-written or we need to find something else as a core, that can fundamentally be customized to retain the same look/feel and function. There aren't any of the popular forum options that would work. I've tried, as well as less popular and a few obscure. Every option will take a considerable amount of time and effort.

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