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OMG this is all too funny. Oh awful to think you are going to get meatloaf, and you get

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FRUITCAKE! I learned my lesson long ago. I hated looking at unmarked packages, and wondering what was in them. I have a drawer under my counter on the way out to the laundry room where my second freezer is. In there are two Sharpies, one black, one red. I now mark everything with a date and the name of the contents.. Especially helpful with chicken, which many of my bags say something similar this; 2 legs, 1 thigh, 1/2 breast and 4 wings. This helps me to take out the right bags so I can only cook what I need for the recipe. All packages are marked, now and I can tell you it makes your life so much easier and a better organized freezer. I have one shelf for home made stuff, like applesauce, blackened Hatch Chilies, tomato sauces. One shelf for chicken and pork, and one for beef. Breads, misc. go on the bottom, pull out bins. I also keep those convenience items there too, such as frozen chicken enchiladas from our local neighborhood grocery who make them, Tamale Pie, Pot Pies from Schwans that we love in the winter for lunches all live in those bins. What prompted me to get this going was the fact that we are both getting older and I did not want my hubby to left alone with a freezer full of unknowns.

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