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Marilyn, we reuse all our zip bags. I wrap all my meats in food grade plastic wrap first

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then put into freezer zip bags or Food Saver bags, which I reuse too. This prevents any juices from the meat getting on the freezer bags. All bags are soaked with Dawn and very warm water first then washed, rinsed well, then I have a gadget for drying them. First my hubs made me a drying rack, which was simply a plank of wood that he drilled holes into and put in long pegs. I placed the bags over the peg and let them dry overnight. Now I use a gadget from our RV used as a mini clothes line. It has plastic clothes pins on each end of about ten pieces that fold out from an umbrella shape, and I pin each bag to it upside down and they dry overnight hanging from the cupboard pull on the door, above my laundry sink. I save a lot of money by reusing all these bags. There is no reason to throw them away after just one use. By the way, I prefer the plain locking rather than the zip type. Here is a link to something similar to what I use. Mine is old so things have changed.


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