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Marilyn's Iron Update: Good news!

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Posted to Thread #29516 at 2:28 pm on Mar 27, 2017

Two weeks ago I had a ferritin blood test drawn to benchmark my iron level. My result was 7.08 with a standard reference range of 11.10 -264.00.

Yep. That's me...not even getting into the ball park.

Anyway, thanks to everyone's suggestions, I changed quite a few things around. I now take Hema-plex iron pills before bed with a glass of OJ & drink a 16 oz. spinach smoothie with organic apple juice, organic spinach and frozen chunks of fresh mango (more Vitamin C) daily (but not anytime before/after my milky coffee drinks).

A few days ago I made Maya Angelo's chicken livers in gravy. I watched several videos to understand how to clean them first and decided after the third to pretend I was attending a Gray's Anatomy 101 class and this was the section on dissecting internal organs. Otherwise I couldn't get past the phrase " be sure to excise any excess blood in the lobe."

It was...edible. I've realized it isn't the taste so much as the texture that gives me the heebee jeebees. It's as if someone has already chewed it, like a mama bird breaking down the worm for her baby chicks. Once floured and browned off, liver looks deceptively like beef chunks and while my eyes and brain may be deceived, my taste buds aren't having any of it. I'm sticking with pâté from here on out.

Meanwhile...I had another blood test run on Friday and my results are great: 18.1.

Blood donation at work is next Wednesday so we'll see if I can fly through their iron test as well.

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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