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Very interesting consideration ;)

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Posted to Thread #29494 at 4:24 pm on Mar 27, 2017

A quick internet search turned up a discussion from a bodybuilding forum on the nutrition content for a whole sheet of paper.

"If you eat paper, not much will happen, you may get a paper cut on your mouth or anus.

It has 0 cals, 0 protein, 0 net carbs.

I would think that the colored / glossy paper would contain chemicals, regular white paper would be a healthier choice.

Cardboard paper will be the same, thickness won't affect its content, just the weight will probably be heavier, so more fiber.

It is undigestible. It's GI will be around 0.

Its not suitable for a PWO meal because the fiber will slow down absorbtion of other nutrients. If eaten I would eat it with a complex carb source, a fat source, and a protein source for a regular meal.

The nutritional content is 100% undigestible fiber. It is not considered a good source of any other nutrients.

My main source of paper is when I have frozen pizza for a cheat and forget to take the cardboard off the bottom. Ive noticed that when I consume the cardboard I feel full longer, most likely due to the increased fiber intake."

I've often wondered about the nutrition content in the shrimp tail shells that I occasionally consume. Now I have another project to research! Thanks for the chuckle, Marilyn. Colleen

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