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Paul Massell

SO next time I'm gonna slow roast but yesterday on instict and with a bit of help here

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Posted to Thread #29519 at 9:07 pm on Mar 29, 2017

I did similar to what you said. I put it in at 450. I had done my best at scoring the skin but it wasn't pretty. I cooked it uncovered to crisp the skin for about 45 minutes then I covered it and cooked it at 375 for another 6 hours. What I had read online was to go down to about 250 for 9+ hours (one site said 16 hours) but I needed dinner so I went with 375 and hoped I'd have something ready. The result was simply fantastic all but the skin. Some of it crisped and cooked through and the kids loved it but the rest ranged from shoe leather to mushy so I need to refine this part.

As opposed to last time I attempted cooking this roast, it was tender and awesome. The connective tissue had completely broken down and added to the flavor. Last time even tenderizing the meat, it was still very chewy. Even though it is cheap, this is actually a great flavor cut of meat but IMHO the only way is slow roasting it - covered. Slow roasted this has to be one of my favorites. Otherwise it is a pass for easier pickins. I have three more of these roasts so a lot of good ideas to try and instead of giving up on the "picnic" forever, now I am going to be looking for it. Thank you all for the feedback.

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