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Maybe you get different pork than we get out here . . .

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I can truly say I have never eating a tough picnic roast (skin-on pork roast) in all the years I have been eating it with my family, and they are always cooked the way I mention above. About 1/2 hr high heat to crisp up the skin and then reduce heat to 350 to finish cooking. One more add on: you must let the roast sit for a while. Don't try to cut it immediately, it really needs to rest, but because of its good insulation (skin and fat) it stays hot as you finish up dinner.

My mom always cooked until it was done, didn't use a thermometer, but the roasts were always cooked, oh, 2-3 hours or so. I think she just cooked it by time, and so do I, but I like to use my gadgets. She even cooked them a time or two *frozen* to start! They were always good.

We have had some dryer roasts, but that is what gravy is for, right? :-)

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