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Last time we had Thousand Island dressing it was from scratch - and that was some time ago. Still, when I read your request, my first thought was to make only 1/4 cup, enough for a sandwich or two, rather than buy a prepared dressing I will not enjoy or finish. I ran a quick search of popular recipes - you have your own! Greatly reduce the amount of each ingredient starting with 2-3 TBS of low fat mayo, adding ketchup&chopped pickle (or chili sauce, if you have it), grated onion (~1/4 tsp) and grated hardboiled egg (~1 TBS or less). Then drips of cider vinegar or lemon juice until it tastes right, adding S&P at end. Many recipes don't use the egg - my favorite part ;). Others add a chopped pimento olive, chopped roasted or raw red pepper, a dash of Tabasco (or Louisiana hot sauce as suggested by The Kitchn). I wouldn't add minced garlic, but many recommend. Colleen

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