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I'm enjoying *Notes on a Banana* and am going to write out a few lines...

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{I know you're not supposed to do that, but this made me laugh out-loud and I consider that a high compliment.}

Chapter 39: An asylum to call my own
[David (author) and his partner Alan are looking to purchase a new home]

"The moment we entered, an oppressive energy emanated like a foul odor. That was when most intelligent buyers would've high-tailed it to the next property. But not Alan. Just like those fools in horror movies who trip over the hacked body of the head cheerleader and decide to press on, we stayed."


{it turns out the previous owner's husband had died right after they moved in...and David was feeling the profound sadness of the wife who had survived.}

"I wanted to respect Audrey's loss, but the last thing I needed was to suck up her sadness like an emotional wet/dry vac."

Then he goes on to write about the demolition party they threw and invited friends to write well-wishes over all the walls before they were pulled down or repainted.

What a lovely idea.
What a fun, heart-felt book.

Jesus saves. Buddha recycles.

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