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Hello Marilyn! I want to thank you for posting your lovely recipe for the

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Posted to Thread #29581 at 7:40 pm on Apr 23, 2017

Lemon Tiramisu Cake. It was most delicious and the guests all absolutely loved it. It also turned out to be an entertaining table event.

For some reason, I thought the zabaglione and lemon curd would set up quite firmly. Accordingly, I assembled it inside a springform pan, using cake collar, and placed it in the freezer to set up. Then just before transporting it I piped some whipped cream around the top and decorated with some tiny colourful Easter eggs. Voila! Pretty Easter dessert!

Just prior to serving, I removed the (now defrosted) cake from the fridge and plated it. In the minute or so that it took to remove the cake collar and move it to the table, the lemon curd had already begun to liquify. By the time I started cutting the first slice, the curd, along with the frilly piping, began cascading over the sides of the cake like an elegant, slow motion waterfall. What a shame there wasn’t a video camera handy to capture the moment. It was just too funny!

I will definitely be making this cake again, though next time I will plan for serving it out of a pan. Although, just for the sheer entertainment value, it would still be worthwhile serving it as a free-standing layer cake ;o)


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