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CathyZ from Kauai

They are not $20 a chop, Marilyn- LOL

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Posted to Thread #29588 at 4:04 pm on Apr 27, 2017

The ones I talk about are about $7/chop but they are large. And delicious. I only have experience with Duroc chops from one butcher shop in California. Can't get them here- a friend brings them to me

Pat bought some Duroc chops but was not so impressed- she said they were good but not really better than others she is able to buy.

I have 4 in the freezer right now- the last ones I pulled out and grilled were heavenly. Beautiful marbling, not fatty, firm, very, very flavorful. Maybe it is the hog farm these come from that makes special chops. Duroc is a breed so I suppose like 10 cooks making the same recipe, that 10 different breeders would make 10 different piggies = 10 different results.

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