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I have some ducks and have been hard-cooking the eggs, and they are great! (more)

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Posted to Thread #29709 at 1:56 am on Jun 24, 2017

I have three hen-ducks, no drakes (males).

I steam the eggs: place a rack in a pan that can be covered, fill with water to the bottom of the rack, bring water to a boil, add eggs , cover the pot and time them. I steam the duck eggs for a little over 12 minutes, as I have found that the duck eggs tend to cook more quickly than chicken eggs. When the time is up, I cook in a bowl of ice water till the eggs are completely cold.

These are great! The are peeling perfectly. The yolks are fully cooked but are not gone over into the dry, slightly chalky texteure that hen eggs can have. The duck eggs' yolks are creamy, fully cooked, the whites are tender and the whole thing is delicious.

Why did it take me so long to try this? I bake with them but have never tried them hard boiled. Well it was my loss, but now it is my gain!

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