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Paul Massell

really sad and I empathize

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Posted to Thread #29708 at 6:11 pm on Jun 25, 2017

we had the most beautiful little apricots with the most vibrant colors that I would look forward to each year. But each year they came in a migration of birds had us as a destination and would decimate every last fruit. The birds were beautiful too but I only saw them the one day or two they came to eat the fruit. It was a challenge to let the fruit ripen, but time getting the fruit before the birds. Most years the birds won.

When I was a kid in Sonoma County there were orchards of all kinds all over town and random producing trees like plums on most properties or like the huge persimmon tree that I'd pass on my walk to school every day. Walnuts, fruit etc. Late 80s the landscape changed dramatically. Cramped housing tracts and mega vineyards. The vineyards decimate the water table like the ravenous birds do to the apricots, so every year is a "drought" When local people became so good at preserving water, they lost money so raised everyone's rates!!

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