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NFR: My email notice to coworkers to enjoy a slice of Patti Labelle's Pound Cake

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Posted to Thread #29722 at 1:52 pm on Jun 29, 2017

[from Marilyn to team members}

So Miss Patti and I were sitting around the kitchen chatting and she said: “Girlfriend, I’m going to make you one of my world famous pound cakes.”

And I said: “No need, Miss Patti. The next time I can’t sleep and get up at the break of 0’Dark Hundred, I’ll stop at Walmart and pick one up.”

 And here it is.  Enjoy.

[Legal Disclaimer: This conversation is pure fiction. Except the part about getting up in the middle of the night, and driving in to work at 4:30 AM and stopping at Walmart on the way. That part is true.]

[Medical Disclaimer: This cake is so sweet it made my teeth hurt.  Apparently Miss Patti and her insulin-producing pancreas are no longer on speaking terms.]

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