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Richard in Cincy

Aren't Pommes Frites one of the major food groups?

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Posted to Thread #29720 at 2:35 pm on Jul 1, 2017

along with ice cream, chocolate, etc.

I require them to be hot and crispy. I tell the server, please cook them extra longer so they are nicely browned, crisp, and served hot or I will send them back. (I don't really send them back, that is gross, I expect a new order. although I did have a waitress reach across my plate and use her hand to rake the fries off my plate onto her tray. After our stunned silence, we got up and walked out the door and did not touch the food that she had just set down on the table.)

Tim then says: "He will; he's not kidding"

And I usually end up refusing about half : cold, limp, greasy. Sad! How hard is it to immediately send a plate of food out when it is put up on the line to serve. (I was a waiter, I know). Yes, sometimes the waiter is busy, but I've watched 10 people standing around watching a plate of food get cold rather than help out and take it to the customer while it is hot.

I never have this problem in Europe!

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