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Business is business, even in the food world. We may not like it but it is what it is, and

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the reason why I support local grower's. They work so hard to grow and provide the food for us. Even the local growers face a tough time. Scary world out there for everything right now.
One thing I do not understand, is a locally owned small market not far from us which has lots of organic, local foods, gluten free, gourmet cheeses, in house prepared delicious foods like chicken enchiladas, pizza, bread, and has a meat counter where everything except chicken is boneless. I cannot find a pork chop, roast, or any cut of beef or pork which has a bone. I am told "no one buys them" Really? I go to our local butcher chop, Raley's, Safeway, and see all sorts of bone in meats. Makes me wonder what the "theys" are doing or experimenting with the bones. Of course this is the same store that will not carry baby arugula, because "no one buys it".

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