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Making more roast tomato bruschetta - yeah KarenNoCA!

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Was truly outstanding on garlic toasts, with a schemer of roasted garlic, goat cheese and the tomato/olive/caper topping. Colleen

From Karen
"Get a large sheet pan and cover with foil. Wash your toms, cherry, red, yellow, orange, whatever you have or can buy. Cut into same size chunks. Cherry, I leave whole. Throw onto sheet pan. Cut the top off a whole head of garlic, put in corner of pan with the toms. Drizzle all with a good EVOO, sprinkle with coarse salt and freshly gr. pepper. Put in 375 degree oven and roast. Put the pan in the oven so the garlic head is near the oven door. After 30 to 40 min. take the garlic out with tongs and set aside to cool. It should be squishy to the squeeze. Roast toms until they start to brown and the juice from them has mostly evaporated. Squeeze out all the garlic cloves into you food processor, dump in the tomatoes and whirl until smooth. You will have the most wonderful sauce or paste (depending on how much moisture the toms had) to use on everything calling for tomato sauce or pizza sauce. This is awesome. No need to peel the toms either because the food processor takes care of it. Freeze in those cute one cup Zip Lock plastic containers. I made so much of this sauce in 2003, that I did not have to make any for three years. I make it every week during the season with my own toms and the ones I get at the Farmer's market.
This morning, I prepped a sheet pan in less than 15 min. It is so fast and easy!"

From Colleen
I put together a parchment lined sheet pan of de-skinned and de-seeded supermarket tomatoes on the vine and Costco Wild Wonders gourmet tomatoes using Karen's method - basil, S&P, a whole head of garlic, stirred with only 1 TBS of olive oil. I added capers, green and Kalamata olive quarters, chopped onions and a larger-than-necessary squeeze of anchovy paste. After 75 min in the oven and a cool down, I processed about a cup of the bigger tomato pieces with 2 of the largest roasted garlic cloves (saved the remaining toes), and then dumped it all into the processor for 2 more quick pulses. Chunky! So amazing! Split 1/3rd and 2/3rd between bruschetta and mixed with pulled Costco rotisserie chicken and hot pasta!

Link: Roasted tomato sauce

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