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I think I posted my big deal on a sous vide a month or so ago and have now tested it.

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I'm in love. Mine is a nutri-chef and this morning it was on sale on Woot for $69 but is gone now (that is what I paid for mine). Here it is on Amazon for $80, and the Annova is on the Prime day sale for a good price.
I am not interested in spending big money on this so when this became available, seemed worth a try. More than true!! ;o)

I cannot believe how EASY it is to use--set it and forget it. As for seeing a difference in a restaurant meal, I don't think it is so much that but the degree of control you have over what you are preparing. YOu get a perfect rare piece of meat--or well done, if that is what you want. You can do it ahead of time (like restaurants doing a lamb shank, for example) and finish in minutes.
I made a 3.5# top round roast in mine. I cooked it at 131* for 8.5 hours. I have pictures but can't load. It was PERFECTly rare up to the outside of the roast. I had marinated it (for flavor) in some salt, pepper, and chile powder and when carved, this outer covering gave a nice "crust". I carved it thin for sandwiches and it was wonderfully flavorful and tender.
My son did a leg of lamb and it came out a perfect medium rare throughout. He has a salamander torch to give the outside a burnt crust--or it can be done on the grill.
I plan to do a rack of lamb--on another board a chef sous vided for an hour. What could be easier.

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