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Any tips for using message cookies? I've committed them for a wedding and they are awful!

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Posted to Thread #29845 at 11:03 pm on Sep 7, 2017

I have used their shortbread recipe that's on the box to try to ensure everything would go well, and it took two whole cups of European butter mind you!, And the letters are barely readable. When they are readable they come out all Smeary and crooked looking. Of course the picture on the box makes them look perfect. I even followed their tip of chilling the cookie sheet, then I froze the cookie sheet, then I cooked them on the top shelf of the oven which is a tip from my brown bag molded cookies recipe. I'm going to make the brown bag cookie recipe and try again, but if this fails I'm in the lurch and will have to come up with a completely different idea. We specifically wanted to use shortbread for the recipe because the groom is from Scotland. The only recipe provided with these message cookies is this shortbread recipe, so I thought we'd be good. However the best laid plans…

So these are the message cookies that Williams Sonoma and world market had there are three of them a star a heart and a rectangle. I'd show you a picture but pictures are hard to do now.

Any tips on how I could get these cookies to hold their shape?!

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