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Melissa Dallas

I made Olga's Danish Easter Pastry last weekend

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Posted to Thread #29848 at 11:33 am on Sep 9, 2017

It was very good. The dough is super simple and easy to handle. Rolling dough out is not my strong point and my counter really doesn't accommodate rolling to a 24" square, so it would have been easier to work with half the dough at a time. I would probably bake first half and do the second later so I didn't have to cram two half-sheet pans in the oven at once or let one pan rise for almost double the time while the other was in the oven. I used the raisin filling and loved it. I could have done a better job sealing the edges, because a fair amount bubbled out. Watch closely while in the oven. Once it starts browning it browns really quickly.


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