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Richard in Cincy

We bought the new Jetson's Fridge over Labor Day...

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Posted to Thread #29851 at 3:26 am on Sep 11, 2017

and you have to love a good labor day sale, we got the newest latest gadget fridge for half off.

So now: My fridge has, not sure what to call it, but a giant computer screen on the door. Fun. It's now tied into our house wi-fi and we're streaming music, video, internet, recipes, photos, etc. This was not important to me. What was important was getting rid of the EVIL side-by-side. How I loathe that configuration.

But wait: We can call up an app on our phones and look "INSIDE" the fridge when we're at the grocery. I did this. I saw a lot of sauces in the door pockets. That was enlightening. So I guess I have to stage the fridge now so that I can see into the shelves. Or, as I always do, take a look in fridge, see what's there, and buy accordingly.

Do you have the Wi-Fi Fridge and what do you do with it?

But I have to say, the family photo montage scrolling on the fridge wi-fi is lovely.

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