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I'm going to get the book as well. Returned mine to the library so I wouldn't be tempted right

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at this moment. Because, oh, how that girl tempts!

I noticed she changed the Oreo/Faureo process. A few years back she simply rolled out the dough, cut with a crimped cutter and moved to baking tray. Then she took reserved cookie dough, thinned it out a bit, and piped squiggles all over the top of each cookie using a small icing tip.

In the new version, she dusts the dough with cocoa powder, rolls thin, dusts again with cocoa and rolls an embossing roller across the dough to get a pattern. Only then does she cut out each cookie with a round crimped cutter and move it to the baking pan.

I think the extra cocoa might make a difference in that hit of dark chocolate.

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