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Dried Beans

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Posted to Thread #29942 at 11:23 pm on Oct 30, 2017

I really enjoy using dried beans over canned. So much tastier. I agree with Paul. I can'tsay enough about using a pressure cooker. I had a stove top older one for many years and used it for beans with great results. About a year ago, bought an IP and really love it for beans, rice, chili, chicken breasts. Wonderful for making stock. So fast. BTW, crockpot for cooking dried beans works really well too, but IP and PC is so much faster. Also I see you are a fan of Rancho Gordo beans. Iam too! There is such a big difference in cooking shelf beans versus Rancho Gordo beans. The RC cook faster and taste creamier. I think it has a lot to do with freshness. With shelf beans, who knows how long they've sat on that store shelf? When I cook dried beans: black, chickpeas(for hummus). kidney beans etc, I usually cook up a large am't , use what I need then freeze the rest.

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