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No, you have every reason to be insulted. What the heck was she thinking?

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I mean, I'm allergic to seafood. One of my friends invites a whole bunch of us to a big seafood dinner once a year. Ranther than NOT being invited (it's such a fun crowd), we have agreed that i'll just bring a plate of sushi. Because she invites a lot pof people and she has drinks, salad, coffee and cake afterwards I've decided to not add the additional burden of cooking for me only because she has so much else to think about. At this party, I bring my "own food", but it's something we have agreed on and she know's I'm doing it and it's for allergic reasons. But from there. to just showing up with KFC? It's like bringing McDonalds to a family Christmas dinner. You just don't do that!

"I Love Cooking With Wine. Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food."

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