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Posted to Thread #29988 at 8:48 am on Nov 26, 2017

So I have this friend who owns a farm and raises anilamls. I usually buy 20-30 pounds of Piemontese beef from her every year, because her meat is outstanding!

She also raises pigs. On my way up to her farm to pick up the meat I had ordered, I saw that she posted a message onm FB about having a no show for one pig. I had a quick conversation with DH (should we get half a pig too? Isn't that convenient? Yes it is), and Googled "How many pounds in a half pig" and got the answer, "around 40 to 60 pounds".

I said to DH that sure, some of our friends is going to want some of that meat (it's great quality and pretty affordable) so I called my friend and said "I'll take half of the no show pig" and added "if you have some extra gound beef from the Piemonteses I'll take what you have (I make a lot of lasagna for family get togethers...).

Turns out, pigs are heavier than Google thinks. And my friends had a lot of ground beef. I now have 150 pounds of meat in my freezer. Guess we won't be converting to vegetarianism any time soon...... :-D

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