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Crunchie update.....I just made 2 81/2 " square tines with another recipe....

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Posted to Thread #11507 at 6:02 pm on Jul 27, 2008

this one is 1 cup each of flour, oats, brown sugar, 8oz butter, 1tsp bi-carb and 2 TBL golden syrup. I used Illovo as it is what I have.

Also 1 cup of dessicated coconut...BUT I could not find the nice plain one. The only one is an American product and it is sweetened.

They cooked for 20 mins and rose well......a little dark on the edges. So far they taste a bit sweet but then I dont eat many of them these days and think I find everything too sweet these days too (unless I've eatn a good meal with plenty of wine??!)

One tin I did what my Mum does, press down gently with an egg lift and then cut into squares. The other tin I just cut into does help to press down gently before cutting. NO recipe seems to tell you to do that.

They are crisping up well but I double the amount and they may turn out to be more chewy then crunchie...I'll let you know. Either way they are not crumbly which is what you are trying to avoid.

Must go and make banana bread too....not much time before folk arrive....
Am doing the green bean and feta salad too, must get going....

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