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I don't have a recipe, but...

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Posted to Thread #11505 at 7:35 pm on Jul 27, 2008

I take a quart of V-8 Spicy, and chill it ice cold...In the meanwhile, I chop veggies...about 3/8 inch dice (kind of to taste, by eye?): Onion-red, white or yellow, it matters not-about 1/2 of a largish one; cucumber-English type, though I imagine a good fresh garden variety would be fine- 1/2 cup; celery, 1/2 cup; zucchini (if I have it), 1/2 cup; avocado, 1/2 diced; fresh tomato, diced, 1 whole; cilantro (some), juice of 1/2 lime; 1/2 pound of salad shrimp, and 1/2 cup or so fresh (canned) crabmeat. Stir that together, season to taste with salt and pepper and whatever else suits you (fresh jalapeno works well here too!) and mmm-mmm-good!

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