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OKay!!! Crunchies and my Mum..."You silly Goose" she kindly said to me when I called her just now...

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Posted to Thread #11515 at 3:06 pm on Jul 28, 2008

"You know you must use this recipe and not the one you have....that was your Gran's recipe and you always prefered my crunchies"!!!!?"

OK, FK friends, I mislead you and although I have used that recipe forever (and last night proved how popular they are) here is the true recipe from my Mum, with her instructions.

2 cups of oats...Jungle is best but any oats will do.
1 cup of sugar, light brown or white.
1 cup of flour.....cake flour....but when I visit you I remember an all purpose flour called Robin something, that will work.
1 cup of coconut....dessicated...well, if you can't get the one we get here, try anything you can get (OKAY MA)
1TBL Syrup, must be golden otherwise it wont tatste as it should, you want crunchies don't you?
1/2 LB butter
1tsp bicarb......don't mess with baking powder, that was Gran's recipe....

Butter the tin and firmly press the mix in, not more than 1/2" thick.

First melt the syrup and butter together and then add the bi-carb to it. It will foam and double up.
Add this to the mix of dry ingredients and stir very well together.

Now be sure to put it into a 300F oven and watch it . It comes away from the sides a bit probally should be about...OH, I don't know, you know I can smell when they are ready.
About 40 mins perhaps.

Leave them to cool in the tin for awhile and cut into squares BEFORE they are cold.

There you are.....I am going to make these tonight as I only got to share the last piece. I want to eat a few too.

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