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Missy... I found that the type of bacon cure matters a lot. If you're looking for

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a big bacon flavor, stay away from the more mild applewood flavors. If you can find one that is smoked, that would probably be better. I basically bought a couple strips of every type Whole Foods carries and tried every one in a tast test. I've been using the Black Forest Bacon but I might revisit it and find another for an even bigger bacon flavor.

I used applewood bacon in David's ice cream and was not really happy with that. If I were going to do this again, I'd probably infuse the dairy with bacon, then pull it out and use another set of bacon to make candied bacon for a mix in/garnish.

Here's my thought...I think if you did the pecan pie, maybe you could fry the nuts first in bacon fat? Also, I think the liquid from the pie basically makes that crsipy bacon chewy again. You may want to do a bacon garnish on the top of the pie, or sprinkle candied bacon on the top. Or, you know how people put leaves and such as a garnish, maybe you could do something with the bacon. But your I think your crispy issue has to do with the introduction of liquid.

I'm thinking maybe a dash of liquid smoke would add something? Like a smokey bacon kind of thing with some maple notes? Just an idea.

Here's a smokey Bacon essential oil that might work too:

And here's a link to a bacon flavored vodka infusion. Maybe you could do a bacon bourbon? I have an awesome burbon ice cream from chez panisse that I've posted before. Bacon burbon with candied bacon mixed in sounds awesome. Especially if you infused the dairy with bacon too.

Bacon, bacon, bacon! Glad I'm not the only one obsessed with bacon. ;-)

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